Planning and Restructuring

Energetic efficiency and home automations for a smart house

The future is here with the Home Automation smart appliances, like heathers and sustainable lights, can be managed from an app on your phone or iPad.


In the realization of new properties you'll find an accurate service, transparent and professional, with the Swiss typical respect of the timing combined with the Italian design elegance of our ITCH partners.

Our objectives are pushing us towards following the trend of sustainability, a renewable system both for new properties and for buildings that have reached the “retirement age” and require a drastic renewal. Do an energetic check up in order to predict the costs that you'll have to sustain!

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With Swissed, Your life takes roots in Switzerland!

Our proposals are distinguished by a great attention to the quality of the projects: we verify the quality of your investment in the property market.


We have great knowledge of the market situation in in Ticino and Switzerland, we constantly analyze it in order to predict its evolution and to always provide you with the best value for money for your investments in properties and land.

Our services are complemented by a wide range of construction and juridical consultancies and our team will always be on your side from the research to the delivery of the keys of your new house in Switzerland.

To buy a new property has many implications from a fiscal and financial perspective, and these are expenses that must be taken into consideration. In the Ticino Canton, for example, the rule is that the deed's costs and all expenses related to it (the transfer fees in the Land Register, the notary archive stamp and the notary for approximately 2% of the purchase price) are buyers' responsibilities.

Also the costs of setting up a mortgage are sustained by the buyer:  just the stamp duty and the Registry Office is 8 per thousand the value.

Real Estate Consultancy

Real Estate consultancy and brokerage

Swissed Real Estate will offer you decades of experience in buying and selling properties. Our objective is the client's satisfaction: to find the right home for you and your family, to solve any burocratic and admin issue you might encounter

  • Assistance in buying and selling properties
  • Restructure or renewal of an already existing property
  • Assistance in evaluating a property
  • Assistance in choosing a residential or commercial property
  • Delegation
  • Assistance in handling issues related to property's management
  • Assistance in choosing the property
  • Administrative, legal, trustee and notary advice
  • Mortgage consultancy

All our services are available in Italian, German, Swiss German, Swedish, French and English. Upon request a simultaneous translation in other languages can be provided.


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