Relocation service for professionals and families

There are various reasons why our clients decide to move to Switzerland: often for business, while many choose this country for its high standard of life or to allow their children to study in some of the most recommended schools in the world.


Both if you come from abroad or from a different Canton our relocation services, available in your language too, will allow you to start immediately a new life without worry.

Whatever your needs are the Swissed Relocation team will help you simplify every burocratic paperwork in order to start your new life in Ticino immediately!
Services of the Swissed Relocation team for those who relocate:

  • Request a residency permit in Switzerland
  • Consultancy for education or childhood
  • Understanding of the environment
  • Temporary and permanent housing
  • Consultancy in the real estate sector
  • Register to the public entities
  • Financial and economic consultancy
  • Opening mail-bank accounts and credit cards
  • Assistance when leaving Switzerland (housing termination/sale and services)

All our services are available in Italian, German, Swiss German, Swedish, French and English. Upon request a simultaneous translation in other languages can be provided.


Your first steps in a new and unknown place made easy!

With one "Click" we can help you understand how to move in a new environment, simplifying your life! A perfect gift for a friend, daughter or parent having to move to a foreign city! How should I manage myself, whom do I need to call to subscribe to paid TV, where do I have to register for the new residence, which are the best schools for my children, who could be reading for me my leasing contract, how to cancel, etc. Our innovative offers can help you save time and solve some situations with an on-site professional.


Chf. 100,00

Telephone assistance - 30 minutes

  • Questions concerning residence permits
  • Real estate location
  • On-territory orientation
  • Arrival - departure support
  • TV and Electricity registration



Chf. 300,00

On-site assistance with a physical person - max 120 minutes, subject of choice by the client
Extra time such as phone calls or writings are counted separately.

  • Questions concerning residence permits
  • Real estate location
  • On-territory orientation
  • Arrival - departure support
  • TV and Electricity registration




Whatever your needs may be, whether you come from abroad or from another canton of Switzerland, we can offer you a tailor-made assistance service, quickly and accurately guiding you through all of the necessary bureaucracy procedures and the domicile request, finding a home and setting you up in no time. Request an offer!


Receive immediately our relocation offers.

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